So in April of 2012, I decided there must be a way to keep my crafting passion alive while also maintaining a financially rewarding experience. Not to mention the superb feeling I get when I know someone loves & cherishes something I've made; that someone else actually ~wants~ these little pieces of wearable art I've created.

My trinkets & pieces are mostly up-cycled from things that no longer got the love and attention they deserved. The finer jewelry I'm making is meant to explore my designing abilities a bit more. And since I've inherited a bunch of Vintage jewelry & have a closet full of second-hand clothes I rarely wear, I've added those to my shop as well.

My interests include (yet not limited to) Feminism, Paganism, Spirituality, Beach Life, Semi-Precious Stones, Brass, Goth Culture, Studs & Leather, Cosplay, Nerd Culture, Burlesque, Up-Cycling, and Astrology.

I am eternally grateful to each and every one of my customers as I strive to deliver excellent service, quality, and 100% satisfaction. It is your patronage that inspires me to keep creating, hoping to one day make this my only "work" in life. It doesn't seem much like work when you love what you do!

Thank you all for the support!

Vena Rico is an ecclectic blend of Nature and Creation, mixing metals with natural crystals and animal products. Their product line is a wide array of spiritual essentials and wearable accessories.

Born and raised in a small town Long Island community, I have always had limited access to stylish & unique clothes and accessories. Due to this lack of supply, and my own high demand to stand out, I concluded that a D.I.Y. life of Creating was a passionate calling of mine. I had to live and wear my art in order to feel at peace with the way things were.

Personally, I've been crafting and creating ever since I was very young. My Mother was always the "Crafty Class Mom" so I definitely picked up my D.I.Y. mentality from her. My Father was a shop owner in our town, so I learned a bunch about managing a business from spending days with him.

In 2011, my Father passed away from a tough battle with liver cancer. Since then, we've had to close down our little shop that has been around since 1975. My personal source of income was invested in that shop, as I sold most of my accessories there.